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Freshening Up: Tips for Rearranging Your Apartment Furniture


You don’t always need to run out to the furniture store to give your apartment a fresh new look. Sometimes simply rearranging furniture can give the space an entirely new feel. Try out some of these ideas for rearranging furniture to freshen up your apartment: Skip the planning. From others’ personal experience, designing a new layout for […]


Keep Your New Apartment From Sapping Your Wallet This Fall


For many of us apartment dwellers, living on a budget is an everyday reality. And, unfortunately, with the change in seasons, there can be some additional expenses associated with maintaining a comfortable environment inside your apartment. Here are some apartment living ideas to help you cut down on energy consumption in your apartment, which will help you to save […]


Avoiding the Chemicals: Vinegar Makes a Great Window Cleaner


We often use our Apartment Allure blog to share green apartment cleaning tips, and we have another one to add to the list. While commercial window cleaning solutions are filled with chemicals that are potentially hazardous to both the users and the environment, a safer and cost-effective solution is to mix some white vinegar with water. To make […]


Grow the Space in Your Apartment With These Tips


When it comes to apartment living, less is sometimes more, especially if you are taking advantage of tactics to make your apartment look and feel larger than it actually is. Follow these small apartment decorating tips to make your square footage feel like it has actually grown! Maximize Your Closet Space Since most apartments are gushing in […]


Bring a Fall Pop to Your Apartment With These Color Trends


Are you ready for fall? Along with the cooler temperatures that the fall months bring, the season also brings along several holidays that provide you with the perfect opportunity to incorporate some festive decor into your apartment. If you are looking for fall decorating tips, try incorporating some of these seasonal color trends into your apartment: Elegantly […]