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This is what a post will look like and is for proofing purposes only. Once your blog is approved, a new post will appear here. Soon, your Online Community Manager–a fancy name for blogger–will contact you to go over a content strategy for your blog. During this call, be sure to describe your target market […]


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Satisfy Your Fall Sweet Tooth With Some of These Great Desserts


As the cooler temperature roll in, sometimes there is nothing better than curling up with your favorite blanket and a tasty dessert. Celebrate the change of seasons with some of these best fall dessert recipes: Apple Dumplings This spinoff of the traditional apple pie will treat your tastebuds with its cinnamon-sugar coated pastry and gush of fresh apples. Pair […]


5 Ideas for Furnishing a Small Space


Apartment living motivates you to make the most of the square footage that you have to work with. Even if your apartment is small, there are a number of ways that you can maximize the space to create the illusion that your apartment is larger than it really is. Take advantage of these small apartment decorating […]


Things to Consider Before Getting an Apartment By Yourself


Get an apartment with a roommate or go it alone? That’s a question that many first time apartment dwellers and longtimers alike face. The main reason that we look for a roommate is financial, yet there are other considerations to look at when deciding whether or not to get a roommate. How well do you […]


5 Ways to Welcome the Fall to Your Apartment


Fall is around the corner and the outside landscape is already changing. Leaves are turning deeper shades, pumpkin patches are getting fuller and the air is getting cooler. With so much beauty to be admired, it would be a shame not to mirror seasonal changes inside your apartment! You don’t have to be experienced with […]


Smart Solutions for Cleaning the Painted Walls in Your Apartment


If your apartment allows for painted walls, you certainly want to preserve this part of your apartment decor by keeping them clean. Be sure you do that the right way, so that your handiwork is preserved. Here are some cleaning tips for painted walls: Determine what kind of paint you’re cleaning. If you’ve done the job […]